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Till We Have Faces

Both this blog and the author take their names from the protagonist in C.S. Lewis’s brilliant novel “Till We Have Faces”.  The story, a retelling of the ancient myth of Cupid and Psyche, is written from the perspective of Orual, Psyche’s older and ugly sister. In this version, Orual loves Pysche deeply and believes she is trying to do what is best for her. Nevertheless, her actions result in Pysche’s destruction. Orual becomes a great queen and attempts to forget what has happened. She writes this book in order to voice her complaint to the gods, blaming them for all that has befallen her and those she loved. Ultimately, she is allowed to make her case to the gods. When she begins to speak what comes out is not the side of the story she had been writing but a tale of how her own jealousy, selfishness, and possessiveness has destroyed everyone she loves. She is completely undone before the god of the mountain, and realizes the answer to all her questions was him all along.


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