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Wednesday Links for 1/26/11 January 26, 2011

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Revealing: Rachel Held Evans compares the recent attempt to “sanitize” Huck Finn with her own discomfort over the more troubling parts of the Bible and desire to not deal with them, a tendency I share (Rachel Held Evans)

Awkward: The pre-emptive meet-and-greet at church. The only thing more awkward is the actual meet-and-greet when you don’t know anyone there and they all know each other (Stuff Christians Like).

Radical: A new way to pray – That’s very, very old.  The editors of a revised Book of Common Prayer on why community worship and liturgical prayer are not out-dated but as important as every (Relevant).

Shocking But Not Surprising: Gallup poll finds that among all faiths the more religious are happier than the less observant, and that highly religious Jews are happiest of all. That’s not the shocking part – Protestant Christians across the board show the least amount of happiness and feeling of well being of any faith (or lack of, in the case of atheists). Something is very wrong (Gallup).

Hopeful: Is evangelical Christianity about to experience a great big, gay revival? The winds of change seem to be coming (Sojourner’s blog)

Around the Internet: Links of Interest June 14, 2010

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Appalling: Article on the surprisingly widespread practice of gay exorcism in pentecostal/evangelical churches. I’m not sure which is more frightening – the prospect of this being done to gay youth or the fact that several of the churches I attended as a child probably would have tried this on me had I turned out to be batting for the other team (Details magazine).

Debatable: The demise of the TNIV Bible translation and the kerfuffle over the use of gender neutral language (Tony Jones)

Thought-provoking: What do questions mean for faith? A topic I am extremely devoted to. (Randy Elrod)

Touching: How do we represent God? Can we ever get it right, and what does God think when we get it wrong? (Shaun Groves)

Tragic: Child-soldiers in Somalia, used not by terrorist but by the legitimate government the U.S. supports politically and financially. The worst part is that compared to the life they can expect as civilians, many of them are better off in the military (NY Times).