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Around the Internet: Links 7/29/10 July 29, 2010

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Sorry, boys and girls, but this is a slightly cranky edition of  your links for today. There’s just so much stupid out there sometimes…

Rage-inducing: The Modesty Survey asks a bunch of teenage Christian boys how they think girls should dress to keep the boys from sinning when they look at them. It asks takers to rate their level of agreement on statements such as “It is a stumbling block to see a girl lying down, even if she’s just hanging out on the floor or on a couch with her friends” and “Wearing a very low shirt (e.g. a shirt with a neckline that reaches the belly button) is a stumbling block, even if a modest shirt is worn underneath.” Of course only girls need to worry about modesty, and it’s your responsibility to never do anything that might make a guy think about sex. The poor dears can’t control themselves and your body is just so very dangerous. Taking a survey that asks teenage boys if they sin when they see a girl’s belly or bra straps or thong is only going to ensure one thing – that they spend a lot of time thinking about girls bellies, bra straps, and thongs!

Convicting: Okay I’ll admit I’m not Mark Driscoll’s biggest fan, but this post on repentance and all things that look like repentance but aren’t really tells it like it is. (The Resurgence)

Sickening: Up to 2,000 schoolgirls living in the UK will undergo female genital mutilation over the summer break – some will be taken abroad and some will have it performed in the country. One girl literally went from reading Harry Potter to having her clitoris cut off with a razor blade in the space of an afternoon. Her mother paid extra for the woman who did it to use a clean one. Although the practice is illegal in Britain, there have been no prosecutions recorded. (Please note that while this practice has become associated with Islam in many places where it is practiced, it pre-dates Islam by many centuries and is not supported by any Islamic law)

Frustrating: A protest is being planned for September 11th to attempt to prevent the building of a mosque and Islamic community center 2 blocks from Ground Zero. Apparently we are unfamiliar with the First Amendment? At least one prominant Evangelical pastor is speaking some sense about the issue.  In addition, with the month of Ramadan drawing near, New York City is providing extra security for mosques for fear of attacks on them. Which is ironic and sad.

Profound: A reflection on the more-obscure, shortened version of the Lord’s Prayer found in Luke. I found this very thought-provoking and touchingly simple.