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Quote of the Day: 1/25/11 January 25, 2011

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No more indifference, then! No more sleeping in unawareness! No, with bold and blazing heart stretch your sweet loving desires to go and give honor to God and your best efforts to your neighbors, never losing sight of your objective, Christ crucified.

Catherine of Siena

Around the Internet: Links 7/22/10 July 22, 2010

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Heart-Wrenching: An incredibly touching essay about responding to suffering and pain when we are in the Valley of the Shadow of Death – and Christ is there with us. From the late Michael Spencer’s blog. (Internet Monk)

Ridiculous: Brother Maynard on receiving an EvangeCube as a present during a hospital stay. Because sometimes the Bible just isn’t good enough for the Gospel. (Subversive Influence)

Possibly Prophetic: Op-Ed on Mel Gibson’s spectacular public self-destruct as a symptom of the slow but immanent death of the hardcore Christian conservatism that has ruled the culture wars for the past couple decades. (New York Times)

Humbling: Learning how to accept words of blessing from others gracefully, and how to bless others with our words. (Paradoxology)

Divisive: Embracing and accepting transgendered people, both within and outside the church. Just because someone’s gender doesn’t fit with our black and white ideas of sex, it doesn’t mean God doesn’t have a place for them (Canyonwalker Connections)