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Around the Internet: Links 7/20/10 July 20, 2010

Posted by orualundone in Faith Journey, Gay rights, Human rights, Interfaith, Links, Music, Religious Freedom, Women's Rights.
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Encouraging: Paul tells us that the Spirit will give us discernment in matters of sin and purity, rather than giving us too many specific directions. Part of a longer series of posts on discernment, all inspiring and challenging. (Jesus, the Radical Pastor)

Polarizing: Amy Courts digs into the Christian phenomenon of attempting to keep people accountable whom you don’t even know, and how the internet has facilitated this false sense of intimacy. Is it ever called for for a Christian to attempt to rebuke or “convict” a stranger in any context? (Amy Courts)

Fun: Jars of Clay has a new single and you can download it for free! “Out of My Hands” is the first single off of their forthcoming new album. I’m so excited! (Jars of Clay)

Convicting: Steven Furtick on trusting God with the future instead of clinging to the future that might have been. (Steven Furtick)

Controversial: Syria joins many European nations in banning certain kinds of Islamic dress for women, in this case banning burkas and niqabs in universities. Is telling a woman she can’t dress a certain way because that way oppresses women any better than telling her she has to dress a certain way because anything else is immodest? (Daily Mail).



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