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The deep and ineffable love of God June 15, 2010

Posted by orualundone in Faith Journey, Grace, Heart Condition, Love, Nature of God.

The more I experience personally the love of Christ, the more I am changed by it. And the more I change, the more I open myself up to His love. Despite the evidences of this blog, this leaves me without adequate words to express what is going in my heart and in my head. I long for a deeper understanding of His love, of what it truly means to be a Christ-follower as opposed to what other people have told me that it means.

And the more I am filled with this incredible, humbling love, the less room I have in my heart for judgment or hate or hypocrisy or oppression. The more I experience this deep, abiding grace the less I am able to stand condemnation or unforgiveness.  All I want is to know more of God, to draw closer to him, and to invite others to draw near to Him so that they can also experience this love, this grace that defies description.

These changes are not what I would call a crisis of faith, but something far more profound, something completely transformative which leads me to question everything except the absolute love and tenderness of Christ. It is truly what was meant by being born again – I am like a baby, knowing nothing of the world but the love of my creator and having to learn everything anew in light of this wild and indescribable grace I have been given.

I beg the reader’s indulgence on this journey as I try to figure out what this means for my life, for the Good News I preach, and for my interactions with the world around me. I may stumble and fall, I may express myself poorly and inelegantly. I may get things completely wrong. All I know is that I am compelled to pursue my God wherever His love leads me, as well as I know how.

I am sure that I will err. But when I err, I pray that it will be on the side of love. Because that is the only thing that I am sure of.



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